B. Amsterdam
late 50

He is a smart and inquisitive man, with a great sense of humour. He’s active, interested in culture, music and sports. He loves nature and he is charming.

B., in his late fifties, is a kind, respectful and inquisitive man. He has a friendly smile, he welcomes you when you meet him and makes you feel at ease. Intelligent and educated as he is, he is mainly interested in his counter party. He wants to know about you, what drives you and why you think this way, all without judgement. Most importantly, he feels that life is for living and enjoying and part of this is through building long lasting relationships.

In his free time, B. likes to meet with friends, go out for dinner, drink a glass of wine or maybe go to the museum or a concert. He still enjoys sports a lot, he wants to stay fit and healthy. Besides that he enjoys the outdoors and nature in all its forms -a nice beach, serene river or beautiful countryside. He likes to read or watch a movie.

B. is an active man he likes to do things. He likes a challenge and to learn new things. He is very open minded and curious. B. is respectful and he values the standards in life. He is responsible and independent who can do things on his own but enjoys the company of others. B. has a good sense of humour and he appreciates a good joke.

The woman that B. finds interesting is a woman who can trigger and challenge him. She is alert mentally and, like him, curious and open for new things. He likes her to be feminine and charming as B. is quite a gentlemen himself. She is independent and has an interesting life of her own but is open for a real connection with him. Watch a movie together, maybe go out to dinner, listen to a concert, take a walk. B. likes to do things and spend time with her.

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B. Amsterdam

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